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Re: dvd+rw-tools- File is too large

me >>
>> Is there a relation between -dvd-compat with DVD+RW and ...
>> ... readability of the data's tail by the common Linux drivers ?)

Andy >
>"common Linux drivers" rely on value returned by READ CAPACITY command. 
>  The value most commonly coincides with lead-out position and is 
>believed and was observed to be accurate for DVD media. Draw your 
>conclusions. A.

That matches my own limited observations with DVD+RW. 
Full amount of padding data is returned even with first-time media.

Thank you for the explanation.

Although this eases my scrupling, i will stay with a certain
amount of padding. That will leave drive and driver some room for
doing unexpected optimizations.

Well, that padding does not necessary have to be useless for other
purposes. I plan to write checksum information about the payload data
as padding. If they can be read, then they are useful to check read
the media. If not, then they at least protect some of the payload. 
With DVD, a full MB should not be overdone.
(With CD, i am unsure wether drivers might expect a 300 kB zero
padding or not.)

Have a nice day :)


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