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Re: DNS-like idea for SCSI (NIS+ maybe)

Albert Cahalan <albert@users.sourceforge.net> wrote:

> > Check the man page of cdrecord for a decription of the features
> > that are handled by /etc/default/cdrecord
> Hmmm, that's pretty good.
> Do you think you could make all the other programs
> use that file too? If I define my CD-RW as QueFire
> in that file, then "mount QueFire /mnt" had ought
> to mount it I think. Also, "dd if=QueFire" should
> read from the device, and "cat QueFire" too. It could
> get kind of confusing if I had a file named QueFire
> as well though. Perhaps there is a better solution?

It seems that you don't know that "dd" uses a completely different access 
method for the device.


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