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Re: *nix flash utility for BTC DVD recorders

> I got tired of having to move my BTC 1008 from my Alpha to a Windows
> machine to update the firmware (especially since BTC seems to be
> releasing updates quite often), so I made a flasher for *nix. It uses
> transport.hxx from Andy Polyakov's dvd+rw-tools to talk to the drive,
> so it should work on any system that dvd+rw-tools works on.

Shall we throw it directly into dvd+rw-tools then? If you would like
that, then complement the source with your name, or originating url, or
e-mail address, or "public domain" notice. 

> You'll need the firmware in an Intel hex-like format, which you should
> be able to find somewhere in the Windows\Temp directory after running
> BTC's flash utility (so you'll still need access to a Windows machine;
> you just don't need the drive to be in one).

It also might be good idea to throw this note into the commentary
section. A.

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