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Re: growisofs hangs on DD0203

> Hi! I have the same problem...
> growisofs hangs when it arrives at "flushing cache"...
> but when I mount the just burned DVD, it is cleanly writed... and it
> works under WIndows too!
> so it's really written! but I'd like to solve this problem...
> Do you have any idea?

The only known solution was discussed in this very thread, see
http://lists.debian.org/cdwrite/2004/cdwrite-200402/msg00025.html. If
you quote a message, pay attention to follow-ups as well:-)

> I have just installed growisofs 5.14... but it'the same...

5.14 is not sufficient and you have to use -dvd-compat at *all*
occasions in order to get predictable results. A.

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