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Re: Problem using a TEAC DV-W22E withdvd+rw-tools/cdrecord-prodvd/dvdrtools.

>>If I can understand the problem relating to the internal bug with the
>>FreeBSD kernel (and not using cdrecord-proDVD), what may be wrong here?
>>Am I missing something?

>>> The help here is not easy. I'd suggest you to upgrade to -CURRENT, if
>>> you're ready to face all the possible problem of running CVS code.

>>... not really. In this particular case: a choice between
>> FreeBSD-CURRENT + cdrecord-proDVD
>> FreeBSD-5.2.1 + dvd+rw-tools
>>I would prefer the second choice: staying with the OS release branch.

> This sounds strange!
> Why do you like to stay with a broken OS and as a result not being able
> to use youe hardware?

Because this is a _release_, and running the -CURRENT (CVS) version
seems to me more dangerous than staying with this version. Note that
the release may be buggy for some part (as for the point here) but not
for others. Other than this particular problem, I'm very happy with
this FreeBSD-RELEASE. But I understand your point of view.

My question now is: "If I understand why cdrecord-DVD isn't working
whith this release; why seems it not working with dvd+rwtools too?"

> In addition, you should have noted immediately after "upgrading" to the
> broken OS release and send out a bug report as well as downgraded back
> to the previous release.

The notebook, in which there is the DVD writer I want to use, is relatively
new... and I never had a DVD writer before. On the other hand, Pav
Lucistnik has explained that this was corrected for now, so...

> It seems that you did not use cdrecord but dvd+rwtools and for this
> reason did not realize your problems early enough...

I try to use dvd+rwtools in the first place because I follow the directions
provided by the FreeBSD Handbook and because there is a FreeBSD port in
order to managed its installation/upgrade process. Since it seems not
to run as expected for me, I searched an other tool, and because I was very
happy with cdrecord for CD-R/-RW in the past, I decided to give a try to
cdrecord-proDVD (even if there is not a port yet: this is the reason for
using the binary version of this program). That's all.

Thanks for your answers,

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