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Re: DVD writing, alpha architecture, recommendations wanted

> > > - Do you know a `good' backup program for DVD?
> >
> > Keep in mind that this is a *discussion* forum. Define "backup program"
> > and then define "'good' backup program." Think about what's so special
> > about DVD in context of these two definitions. Which backup programs did
> > you use so far? Were they 'good'? Think about why can't you use then
> > with DVD?

Those were the questions you should rather have asked yourself in order
to figure out what exactly is so special about DVD media, which makes
you wonder this questions. My standpoint is that 1/2 of solution lies in
posed question and "good backup program for DVD" is just too fuzzy.

> We used self written scripts which in turn used dump for ext2 to tapes.

You can use DVD as tape. Trouble is that if your average dataset is less
than single media capacity, then special care has to be taken, as you
probably don't want to waste one disc per set... Or you probably don't
want to use it as tape and pack data? You might want to keep files
accessible as single files for convenient restore...

> We are in the process of switching to rsnapshots (rsnapshot.org) onto a
> remote computer with big hard disk (this is the alpha architecture).
> >From their we want to make backups from time to time of the full system.

... or maybe you on the contrary *want* to pack the data, so that it can
be *compressed* prior recording. Then "big" in combination with "full"
sounds like requirement for multi-volume. There was a post on the list
how to burn arbitrary input stream to multiple volumes...

Once again. Those are the question you should ask *yourself*. It's not
my intention to find a solution that suits some particular need, but
rather to make you and/or public to pose more "tangible" questions.

> ... some answers off list...

Note to the public. Things discussed off-list tend to so to say
disappear in vain. Open up and *share* your experience with public. Note
to request originator. Consider posting summary. A.

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