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Re: growisofs + DVD+R + Plextor708A


| > [about speedselect on Plextor 708A failing]
| > 
| > | Try updating to 5.2.1, 5.1 is really old and there were quite a lot of
| > | changes and fixes in ATAPICAM layer between them. I have same unit on
| > | post-5.2 machine and it works without problems --- but I don't have
| > | 8x +R media to try.
| > I'm curious, which revision does your drive have, and do you have
| > another device present on the bus ?
| It have 1.06 firmware (flashed yesterday, before I used 1.04) and it's
| alone as a secondary master. I can't check hardware revision because I'm
| in different part of city now.
Mine is secondary master, with a DVDROM as slave. This has been the case
for quite some time now.

| > It has set the speed to 4.0x. If I then burn without -speed= setting,
| > my first DVD turns into a coaster.
| And if you let the unit do 8.0x, the result is good?
It burns, but not very fast. It starts burning at 6.1x, for a set amount
of sectors, and then switches to a higher rotational speed (with even
more lousy performance):

 743997440/4633516032 (16.1%) @2.8x, remaining 17:20
 758054912/4633516032 (16.4%) @3.0x, remaining 17:17
 771522560/4633516032 (16.7%) @2.8x, remaining 17:11
 785645568/4633516032 (17.0%) @3.0x, remaining 17:03
 790134784/4633516032 (17.1%) @0.9x, remaining 17:16   <-- speed switch
 794886144/4633516032 (17.2%) @1.0x, remaining 17:23
 801112064/4633516032 (17.3%) @1.3x, remaining 17:32
 807174144/4633516032 (17.4%) @1.3x, remaining 17:37
 813367296/4633516032 (17.6%) @1.3x, remaining 17:41
 820445184/4633516032 (17.7%) @1.5x, remaining 17:48

It does complete succesfully though. mediainfo then shows (on the
completed DVD+R):

| Interesting. Have you ruled out a posibility of defective unit?
| Can you try it in other, preferably Windows, box? Can you try with
| cdrecord-ProDVD? What does "atacontrol mode X" reports? (X is 0 or 1
| depending on the channel you have unit connected to).

This unit has burned approximately 350 DVDs succesfully, with only 1 or 2 
failures (normally last DVD on spindle, with scratch on media). 

cdrecord-ProDVD's -speed option does not make any difference. It starts at
3.85 MB/s, then picks up speed to 5.5MB/s halfway (as measured with iostat,
because I don't see throughput when burning with cdrecord-ProDVD).
I have not tried ProDVD that much, because I normally always use growisofs 
for burning premastered data.

For what it's worth, this is a Celeron @1333MHz, with an ata100 disk
containing the image and an AtlasV to boot from (on aic7890); the box
burns true 4x media perfectly on 4x speed. It's the "4x media with 8x in
mediadescriptor" that it borks on.

Recently my 4x speed Platinum media turns out to have a mediadescriptor with 
8x in it.. this is when the problems started, because the drive will then
start burning at 6x or 8x, messing up throughput. You can see the led blinking
rapidly in orange and then pausing a bit (green), perhaps because the drive
cannot keep up the high pace. 

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