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Re: writing speed issue with dvd+rw-tools

Greg Wooledge wrote:

On Tue, Mar 02, 2004 at 07:57:35PM +0100, Lourens Veen wrote:
- cdrecord-ProDVD will burn a maximum of 1 GB of data without a key
- cdrecord-ProDVD will burn more than 1 GB of data, but only with a key
- the key must be obtained from you
- the key is time limited
- the key restricts usage (burning speed for CDs)
- it is your right to licence cdrecord-ProDVD like this
 - all attempts to buy a license key go unanswered

Right. Anyone who doesn't take credit cards and doesn't take paypal (last time I looked) is not going to find many people who will fly to Europe and hunt him down. Well, at least not to give him money.

For me, cost is not an issue, open source is.

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