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Re: writing speed issue with dvd+rw-tools

Short answer to your long and wrong message:

	It looks like you are a Freeloader

Long answer: you completely missunderstood the idea of free software
and global economic compensations.

I now put more than 6 years of work into cdrecord-ProDVD and I definitely 
don't people like you who only believe that Free Software is something that
helps you to save money.

Well, it seems this habbit is a result of the marketing strategies
from companies like RedHat and SuSE who developed the habbit of grabbing 
anything they could get for free, modify it to make it incompatible
and then sell it for the money they could get.

If you don't understand that you get a valuable piece of software and don't
like to even do simple tests, then you are just the kind of person nobody likes
to get in contact with. But then you should be consistent and stay away from 
this mailing list!


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