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Re: extension of mkisofs for incremental backups

>From: Patrick Ohly <Patrick.Ohly@gmx.de>

>> The patch to the man page indserts things disordered

>Where would you like me to insert the description of
>the new options?

A while ago, I did try to have the options in alphabetical order.
This seems to be the best when a command as soooo many options.

>>  and the
>> sources seem to be edited very laxy:

>Tab vs. spaces is a matter of taste,
>but of course I'll change it so that it complies
>with what you prefer.

See below

>> Calling 'cstyle -v' gives this:

>Do you have a URL where I can download cstyle?
>I cannot find it on freshmeat, a google search
>brought up many misleading hits and Debian's package
>search page is currently unreachable.

# cstyle - check for some common stylistic errors. 
#       cstyle is a sort of "lint" for C coding style. 
#       It attempts to check for the style used in the 
#       kernel, sometimes known as "Bill Joy Normal Form". 

This is a program written by Bill Shannon (the inventor
of the vnode interface that also was the base for the NFS
rpc interface.

I an trying for about 2 years to convince Sun that this
perl script (which is more than 13 years old) should
become part of an official Solaris distribution.
I did not yet succeed.....

>Apart from formatting issues, is there anything else
>in the patch that I need to change to make it acceptable?

It usually takes a lot of time to review a patch.
If the patch is well documented, this could be much easier.
Note that I again spend the whole weekend with working on
star and cdrtools.


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