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Re: Can't format / blank dvd-rw

> I only tried that one disk as I didn't want to wreck another (just yet).
> Using
> dvd+rw-format -blank /dev/hdc
> on other disks works fine and I can write multiple times

Did you manage to blank that particular disk before? I mean was it like
"record, blank, record, blank, record, format for restricted overwrite"
or "record, format"? As already mentioned it might be defect with one
particular disk. I've mixed recording, blanking, formatting wildly on
same media and it worked every time.

> Is there any way I can recover the disk?

It's not an ordinary situation, so nobody would be able to answer

> Surely it is possible to just force a write to the disk without checking
> what format it currently holds (maybe this is a naive view of how it
> works though).

Well, if you're so sure, then just go ahead:-) But seriously speaking, I
wouldn't hold my breath for "surely it's possible," units are rather
picky about having all format bits in perfect match...

Try following. Open dvd+rw-format.cpp, comment out call to page05_setup,
re-compile dvd+rw-format and try to ./dvd+rw-format -blank. A.

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