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RE: plextor px-708uf: cannot get disk type

>From magliery@csb.yale.edu  Thu Jan 29 17:28:18 2004

>> 	Would you be willing to do a test with Solaris?
>> Get the Solaris CD images from:
>> 	http://wwws.sun.com/software/solaris/binaries/get.html#x86
>> for free... installation is simple and takes less than one hour.
>> If you start with CD 1 of 2, you need one free primary partition with at
>> least
>> 3 GB of free space
>> If you  start with the "Installation CD", you need two primary partitions.

>Well, I've played with this for way more than an hour already.  Why not?
>The folks at linux-usb-devel (i.e., Alan Stern) also want me to recompile my
>linux kernel with usb-storage debugging on.  So this could take a couple of

>Question about installation: I current have /boot, root, /home and swap
>partitions on my drive.  The /home partition is very large, and I could make
>room for Solaris there.  I see that Partition Magic 8 supports ext3 volumes
>(I have PM8).  Do you know if this works?  Can I resize the /home partition
>with PM8?  Or is there a better way to do this under Linux?

I don't know if you could shrink the Linux partition. Note that I always
install Linux in an extedned partition because Linux likes to call a Solaris
Partition a "Linux Swap" partition. Fortunately, it does not swap on it
immediately if there is no Linux swap signature on it.

For a Solaris installation you _always_ need at least one primary partition.

>I take it you're recommending that I start with CD 1 and leave myself a
>single 3+GB partition?

N.B.: If you install _all_ from Sun + the Solaris Software companion CD
you need > 3 GB for the installation without the swap space and without 

The Solaris Software companion CD is on a different place at Suns server and
contains 1 GB of free software such as GCC....

Well if you just give it a try and if you have a free primary partition, you 
could assign the primary partition to the free space and set it to fdisk 
partition type 0x82. If you then insert CD 1 of 2 it should be fairly easy.

What NIC do you have and what graphics card?


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