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Re: dvd+rw-tools: growisofs exit code

> > But the catch is that undestanding "why" it happens is most likely the
> > key to solution... Why or why recording just hung half-way and most
> > mysteriously failed with "INVALID ADDRESS FOR WRITE" after a long
> > while... Is there a chance that the drive was opened by another program
> > during failed recording?
> No, I am quite sure that did not happen. The only user programs running
> during the backup were an editor and latex. I can't think of any daemons
> that would access /dev/dvd. I don't think that updatedb ran and even
> then I don't think that it would open /dev/dvd. *But*...
> I occasionally mount a dvd to check it contents, and then forget to
> umount it before rewriting it. I cannot be certain that I didn't do that
> on this occasion.

growisofs does unmount media prior recording. If it fails to, it won't
start the recording. So you can keep forgetting to unmount it:-), but
you shouldn't "stand" in it (I mean if you cd /mnt/dvd, then attempt to
unmount /mnt/dvd fails with "resource busy," and recording won't start).

> >>dvd+rw-mediainfo /dev/dvd
> >>INQUIRY:                [PIONEER ][DVD-RW  DVR-105 ][1.33]
> >>  Mounted Media:         14h, DVD-RW Sequential
> >
> >
> > Did you try Restricted Overwrite?
> Sorry. I can see that mmc_profile = 0x13 is required from growisofs
> source, but I could not see a command line switch to force this.

dvd+rw-format -force /dev/dvd. A.

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