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Re: dvd+rw-tools-

Hi Andy,

On Sat, 13 Dec 2003 16:47:22 +0100
Andy Polyakov <appro@fy.chalmers.se> wrote:

> > I found out that there is a firmware update to version 47
> > (original: 40). But after updating I see:
> > 
> > rasca@lupo:~/pictures> growisofs -speed=1 -Z /dev/scd0=fotos-backup.iso
> > :-( /dev/scd0: unsupported MMC profile 10
> Poor media support in firmware manifests itself in bizarre ways. MMC
> profile 10 means that your unit recognized currently mounted media as
> DVD-ROM. So that one probably can't say that new firmware supports this
> media any better, but one can say that it's at least more honest.
> Indeed, originally firmware offered some apparently insane set of
> writing speed descriptors and after recording said that media is blank,
> now it says "doesn't look like recordable media to me."

I like your program, but a more user friendly error message would
be usefull. Not every linux user is a DVD expert ;-)

> Well, you
> definitely should try another media brand... A.

Yesterday I bought a DVD+R media (brand "Creation"). It burned
and plays without any errors or warnings. Does it mean DVD+R
are less problematic than DVD-R in combi burners?


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