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Re: DVD recording adventures continued

Joerg Schilling wrote:

From: Florian Lindauer <hifan@gmx.de>

Something I did learn friday night by studying the Win32 binaries using
strings on my Solaris machine...
If you look close enough at the binaries you should be able to extract
the firmware yourself.

Well. I know strings. But not much about windows executables or
typical compression format headers or (if uncompressed) the
beginning of a Plextor flash image or whatever. Maybe I could
figure out, but then the idea of doing something wrong and
flashing a broken image to my drive.. No.

If you don't have a correct image, the program doesn't accept it.

BTW: I just received a mail from another person who
succeeded in extracting the firmare from the win32 installshield file.

Then how about sharing it with us? Just tell us the offset of the image in the file and length or something. BTW: did anyone ever try running installshield under wine or vmware?

E. Robert Bogusta
 It seemed like a good idea at the time

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