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Re: Re: DVD recording adventures continued

> Why don't you do all Plextor users a favour, and post how to extract
> the firmware binary file from the supplied .exe on Linux, i.e. not
> using windows. Including file names, file sizes, versions and byte
> offsets, and some distinct strings to look for.

Hey, it was someone else not telling much, what I posted is
quite a full description. Yes, I used Windows. The image is much
bigger than the executable, so it must be compressed. And I wouldnt be
so sure that data starts after that "Opal"-string. No idea how to
extract it without Windows.
Using Windows, just start the exe and note that for a very short time
you see an extract display. Then, leave the program running and look
where it was temporarily unpacked. You will find it under the
DocumentsAndSetting/<user>/LocalSettings/temp in some newly created
subdir. Thats it. At least under XP. With other Win-flavours, the
temp may be located somewhere else - but you just need to search
for a file named "Opal*".


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