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Re: New Lite-On 4X DVD plus/dash RW drive

>From: Clarence Wilkerson <wilker@math.purdue.edu>

>Pardon me. I've missed the discussion of dvdrecord and non GPL compliance.

>But I was trying out my new Lite-On DVD writer this last weekend ( $80 after rebates at Best Buy ).
>With dvdrecord, it would not detect as a dvd, but only as a cd.
>It also gave me certain scsi command errors. Is this a known problem with
>the Lite-On and dvdrecord?
>a dvd

This list is not the place to discuss problems of this "dvdrecord" it has plenty
of known problems and the self called "maintainter" does not fix them....

If you like to use the real cdrecord look there:



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