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Re: /dev/raw/raw? and growisofs and DVD+R

> I'm using a PX-708A with DVD+R Verbatim disks.
> But its very slow.

First of all, make sure you use at least growisofs 5.11. 5.11 addresses
DVD+ performance problem with Pioneer unit, but later it became apparent
that Plextor unit would exhibit same performance degradation. If you
already use 5.11 or later, then I can only tell that I've had received
report from another PX-708A user, who reported that recording goes with
varying velocity and significantly slower than expected. Reportedly the
problem just disappeared with kernel upgrade [from 2.4.18 to 2.4.22 in
his case]. The [subtle scheduling] problem is most likely IDE chipset
specific, as there are more reports that the unit performs as expected.

> So I read up and it looks like if I can burn using the
> raw io interface after binding /dev/scd0 to /dev/raw/raw1.
> :-( unable to open64("/dev/raw/raw1",O_RDWR): Read-only file system

Opening /dev/scd0 and bound /dev/raw/raw1 for O_RDWR works *exclusively*
for DVD+RW, *never* with DVD+R, so just skip it.

> I don't get this error message with /dev/scd0.

Because growisofs detects not DVD+RW media and doesn't attempt to open
device for O_RDWR. A.

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