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/dev/raw/raw? and growisofs and DVD+R

I've been using growisofs to burn to /dev/scd0 with success.

I'm using a PX-708A with DVD+R Verbatim disks.

But its very slow.

So I read up and it looks like if I can burn using the
raw io interface after binding /dev/scd0 to /dev/raw/raw1.

I get this error message from "growisofs -Z /dev/raw/raw1 blah"
after binding:

:-( unable to open64("/dev/raw/raw1",O_RDWR): Read-only file system

I've checked and /dev/scd0 and /dev/raw/raw1 are both
chmod 666 - I tried chmod 777 just for good measure too.

I don't get this error message with /dev/scd0.  And I can't
find any reference to this error online.  So I thought I'd
turn to you all.

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