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Re: Slow DVD-R burning with growisofs under ide-cd

> When burning a DVD-R with growisofs, the reported write speed is 4.00x,
> but the measured speed is only 0.40x.  DMA is on and -20 nicing
> growisofs and mkisofs has no effect.

It's hardly an application problem, rather a kernel one. growisofs does
work directly with ide-cd even under 2.4.x and I've received few reports
from users who *successfully* use it without ide-scsi. I don't know if
they are on this list though...

> Using ide-scsi, I can easily get
> 4.00x measured speed.  However, until ide-scsi stops causing kernel
> panics, I'd like to avoid it.

Formally this is wrong list to report problems with Linux kernel, but it
might make sense to cross-post the next/thorough report to both kernel
development and this list. Once agian to make it clear. It makes sense
to cross-post, because subscribers of this list might help to identify
triggering factor, but you shouldn't expect actual solutions being
suggested here.

>  My setup is as follows:
> Linux Kernel  - 2.4.21 + bootsplash patch + updated lm-sensors, bttv,
> and v4l2 + loopjari crypto
> Processor     - Athlon XP 1.26Ghz

It's more important to state what chipset do you have than processor
type. Complement report with lspci output and relevant portion from your
.config (there is a number of options for different IDE controllers).

> DVD+-RW Drive - Vendor: PIONEER   Model: DVD-RW  DVR-106D  Rev: 1.07
> For the ide-scsi, the last thing in the log is always of the form:
> [kernel] scsi : aborting command due to timeout : pid 555338, scsi0,
> channel 0, id 0, lun 0 0x35 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00

This alone doesn't indicate a kernel crash. If you really don't get any
panic message on console (it doesn't necessarily end up in log file),
then you should *explicitly* state that. If you get panic message, you
should a) make sure kernel is compiled with CONFIG_FRAME_POINTER, b)
collect the panic message, c) process it with ksymoops if you run 2.4.x.

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