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Re: linux kernel error reading end of cd/dvd

>From appro@fy.chalmers.se  Wed Oct 15 17:26:12 2003

>> >mkisofs -B on the other hand does "cover" SPARC boot block[s] "by" value
>> >returned by isoinfo. But even if ISO9660 partition of Solaris boot CD
>> >was prepared with mkisofs, there're UFS partitions which are surely
>> >appended by *separate* means and therefore resulting layout can hardly
>> >be classified as "*mastered* with mkisofs." In other words I'm not
>> >convinced that my statement doesn't hold true. "Sane block count" is
>> >still the last *significant* block even for Solaris boot CD. And as long
>> >as output from mkisofs is fed *immediately* to recording program, value
>> >returned by isoinfo is suitable for discussed purposes. A.
>> Why don't you first read README.sparcbot before starting to guess?

>And why don't you ever *read* what's written?

I did, but you did not read the posting I wrote before. The reason _why_ I 
mentioned the Solaris boot CD was that isoinfo's outout cannot be used to copy 
such disk correctly.


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