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Re: linux kernel error reading end of cd/dvd

>From: Volker Kuhlmann <hidden@paradise.net.nz>

>Thanks for all your thoughts. I'll combine the reply.

>> Why are you mailing cdwrite? If it's a kernel bug, you should send a
>> bug report to linux-kernel I'd say.

>I am not sure where the bug is, but it affects CDs. This is a CD writing

>> (a) get the size of the ISO filesystem with cdrecord or isoinfo, and
>> then use dd to read only what's valid, or complain to the creator of the
>> CD. There's an option which fixes this, from memory -dao.

>(a) I am always doing that.
>(b) If you mean the person, that's me. If you mean the software, I don't
>think Jörg is going to be to sympathetic ;)

If you write the CD on SAO mode (using -dao) the whole CD is readble or
your drive or kernel is bad.

If you write in TAO mode, then in theory you are not allowed to read more than
the size value from isoinfo -d.

As mkisofs at least adds 150 NULLed sectors to this value, a I/O error from 
reading filesystem content verifies a kernel bug.


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