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Re: linux kernel error reading end of cd/dvd

>From: Ambrose Li <acli@ada.dhs.org>

>(From someone who doesn't know much about CD's)

>I used to checksum all the files (after finding that
>checksumming the whole disk doesn't work -- something beyond
>my understanding).  This stopped abruptly after I upgraded my
>Linux kernel to 2.4, when mounting a hfs disk started to crash
>the kernel. I had to simply give people disks that I could not
>verify as having been written correctly.

If your kernel did crash, then you definitely found a kernel bug.

>So if I might add something to the "efficiency" argument, I
>might add that for me to checksum my disk, I'll need to checksum
>all the files twice (once for iso9660, once for hfs), and all
>this is provided that checksumming all the files would actually
>work (which is not the case right now).

IF you write in SAO mode and your drive is not broken (use -raw96r
with Lite-ON drives for this reason....), then you may simply 
checksum the complete content of the session. The CD definitely gives you
exactly the same content back that has been in the *.iso file.


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