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Re: linux kernel error reading end of cd/dvd

>From: Lourens Veen <lourens@rainbowdesert.net>

>> I'd appreciate it. It's been going on for years.
>> This state of affairs is not really acceptable. Does anyone know
>> what the problem is caused by, and what can/should be done about
>> it?

>Why are you mailing cdwrite? If it's a kernel bug, you should send a 
>bug report to linux-kernel I'd say. Posting it here is just going 
>to get you another "Linus is stupid" remark from Jörg, and probably 
>not much of a resolution.

Right :-(

He unfortunately not even send a error message.

Using dd is a bad idea and only "readcd" will give helpful messages
in case the medium is not readable.

For more information, he should read README.copy & README.verify


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