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Re: Moving list?

Bruce Wampler wrote:
> Sometime, I want to abandon the debian.org version of the V list in
> favor of the Sourceforge version.
> This can't be done automatically - it will involve each of you still
> interested in the V list to
> manually go to the Sourceforge site and subscribe to the new list.
> It would, I hope, stop some of the spam that has gotten onto the debian
> list. I would ask
> debian to shut down the list, and would post the archives on Sourceforge.
> --
> Bruce E. Wampler, Ph.D.
> Author of the V C++ GUI Framework
> e-mail: mailto:bruce@objectcentral.com
> web:    http://www.objectcentral.com
When is this going to happen? It would be good to have the SF web site too,
so some of us can move over there.
Thanks, and see you at SF,

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