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RE: motif problem

Sorry that I could not reply sooner, I did something stupid on an upgrade
and lost my entire Linux system.  I now have Redhat 6.2 with all errata and
upgrades applied.
I am using lesstif-0.92.32-6 supplied by Redhat.  XFree86-3.3.6-29
This version or lesstif does not have the toggle button problem where I
could not read the text on a toggled  button.

I did have a chance to test openMotif and had the same problems listed in
the original message.
I applied the patch to vDialog which was suggested in your to-do.txt for
V-1.27.  That solved the problem of the dialog not re-appearing when you
re-open it from a button, as suggested.

If you don't mind I will attempt to find the three problems I have now with
both lesstif and openMotif:
1. in my dialog, clicking a button at the top of the dialog which should
toggle a toggle frame, behaves like M_ok.  It closes the dialog and returns
to the main form.
2. The default button does not respond to the return key.  This is true in
vide dialogs.
3. The first text box in a dialog does not get focus when the dialog is
opened.  This is also true in vide.

I am competent in c++ and a pretty good debugger.  So, I will go a-hunting.

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I haven't tested V with the latest LessTif - in fact there has always
been some compatibility problems with LessTif. I have used the latest
OpenMotif version, which is free and seems more stable than LessTif.
Perhaps you could investigate switching to OpenMotif?

Or - which version of LessTif are you using? On Linux? Which XFree?
I might find some time to investigate, but can't promise.

Cy Ball wrote:

> I have a dialog which uses toggle frames and toggle buttons.  The program
> works fine with mingw on Windows and gcc with Athena on Linux.  With
> however, two problems occur:
> 1. a toggle button when pressed turns black and does not show it's text.
> 2. when I toggle a toggle frame the whole dialog disappears and will not
> reappear.
> Has anyone seen this?
> Cy Ball
> cyball@dimensional.com
> (303)751-2678


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