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Re: motif problem

I haven't tested V with the latest LessTif - in fact there has always
been some compatibility problems with LessTif. I have used the latest
OpenMotif version, which is free and seems more stable than LessTif.
Perhaps you could investigate switching to OpenMotif?

Or - which version of LessTif are you using? On Linux? Which XFree?
I might find some time to investigate, but can't promise.

Cy Ball wrote:

I have a dialog which uses toggle frames and toggle buttons.  The program
works fine with mingw on Windows and gcc with Athena on Linux.  With lesstif
however, two problems occur:

1. a toggle button when pressed turns black and does not show it's text.
2. when I toggle a toggle frame the whole dialog disappears and will not

Has anyone seen this?

Cy Ball


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