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RE: Bizarre display behaviour with check boxes

> From: Tom Hilinski [mailto:tehilinski@qwest.net]
> These are what I would look at initially:
> 1. Alignment: Both your code and the V library should have 
> word (16 bit) or quad (32 bit) alignment when compiled and linked.

How do I specify this for mingw32/g++? 

> 2. Memory overwrite: Do you have a pointer or array 
> overrunning its bounds?
> 3. Reuse of deleted memory?

No, I am pretty sure it's not these.  Even the V example code behaves

> Erratic behaviour is almost always the result of some sort of 
> memory problem.

Yes, except it's not erratic and is the same even on the V example code.

> Have you tried this with the Borland 5.02 or C++ Builder 
> compilers under Win95 (Builder version 5.5 is free from Borland)?

No - I'll give it a go though.

> Hope this helps... 
> Tom Hilinski

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