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Re: V 1.24A and MSVC5.0

Bernard McAuley wrote:
> Hi,
> I've just downloaded V1.24a but unlike previous versions there do
> not appear to be project files for MSVC5.0 to help compile the
> libraries.  Does anyone have copis of such files suitable for the new
> version?
> Thanks,
> Bernard McAuley
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You should be able to start with the old makefiles from earlier
I took them out because I am unable to verify them. If you get these
compiled and build a library, I'd be happy to add them to the download
section of objectcentral.  If you can either send me just the .lib file
as a .zip or .gz file, I'll package it up with the include files and
documentation like the other binary releases and post it. You
could also include the project/make files you used, and I'd
include them in the distribution.

Bruce E. Wampler, Ph.D.

Author of the V C++ GUI Framework

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