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RE: Dialog problems

Thanks - I tried that (or rather SetDialogPosition - it didn't recognise
SetPosition) but to no avail - it just gets ignored.

> {
>     SetPosition(...);
>     vModalDialog::ShowModalDialog(...);
> }

> P.S. I am having a similar problem where I need a modal
> dialog (in windows terms, one that locks input to the app to
> the one dialog) but I need the ShowDialog not to block since
> I want to do background processing while the dialog is open.
> (Sort of a "Please wait for XXX to finish...." dialog). I am
> thinking of making it derive from vDialog and simply use
> ShowDialog, but use the modal=1 switch in the constructor.
> Any thoughts?

I think if it's modal then it has the show to itself - you may have to get
the modal dialog to do the background processing itself, perhaps by calling
member functions of other classes.

Good luck

Dan Osborne
Specialist Business Solutions Ltd.

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