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RE: Dialog problems

I think that as long as the dialog object is created you
should be able to set its position. Try putting the code to
set position in myAction before the call th ShowModalDialog.
If it doesn't work then overriding ShowModalDialog won't
help because it would have to consist of


As you can see this code is almost exacly the same as
putting it in myAction.

P.S. I am having a similar problem where I need a modal
dialog (in windows terms, one that locks input to the app to
the one dialog) but I need the ShowDialog not to block since
I want to do background processing while the dialog is open.
(Sort of a "Please wait for XXX to finish...." dialog). I am
thinking of making it derive from vDialog and simply use
ShowDialog, but use the modal=1 switch in the constructor.
Any thoughts?
Alan Falloon

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