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RE: C_TextIn in a command pane

Thanks for the quick response. I guess I could use a modeless dialog but I'd
really rather have it displayed immediately and positioned between the
command bar and texteditor panes. Is this possible? I'm  trying to avoid
forcing the user to open a dialog to make an initial entry of their
selection criteria (until they have done this there is nothing to display in
the texteditor).

Am I fighting against the way V does things?


Dan Osborne
Specialist Business Solutions Ltd.

> Well, believe it or not, after over 5 years and 1000's of users, you are
> the first
> to want to try to do this. And you should be able to, except that the
> vWindow version
> of GetTextIn never got implemented - the dialog version is there, but
> not the
> vWindow version. Sigh. It will be in the next release - v 1.24, in a
> month or so.
> --
> Bruce E. Wampler, Ph.D.

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