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Re: V ver. 1.23

Sounds to me like the compiler and libraries need to be upgraded. The gcc/g++ version 2.89 I tried recently was very buggy, but 2.95 seems to be much better. 

1) download the compilers and libraries from redhat or www.sunsite.unc.edu
2) get a redhat 6.1 CD for the cost of shipping only from Linux Systems Lab, www.lsl.com

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Subject: V ver. 1.23

| Anybody tried to install V ver. 1.23 on RH 6.0 Linux ? 
| When I run make I receive an error message from a linker (something about missing istream::seekg).
| AFAIK RH 6.0 is using egcs package for c++ compiler - could this be a problem ?
| B.
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