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Re: V 1.22 BETA 2

"Nikolai V. Tkachenko" wrote:
> >I have posted the latest Beta release of the
> >V C++ GUI Framework  - V 1.22 Beta 2 at
> >   ftp://objectcentral.com/beta/v122beta2.tgz
> >...
> >For X Version:
> >
> >* Motif/LessTif is now the main X platform supported,
> >  and this version actually works as promised now.
> >  This requires that you have at least Motif 1.2, or
> >  install LessTif on your machine. LessTif is now
> I've compiled it under Linux RH 5.2 with LessTif 0.86.5
> and elf lib. During compilation I've got only one problem,
> makefile in test directory looks for libV.a file, the line
> $(PROG):    $(EXOBJS)  ../lib/libV.a

Oops! That one is left over from my own development. The
../lib/libV.a doesn't belong! Not supposed to be in the released

> I commented it and it worked fine.
> But the programs do not work, canvas area is not visible!
> Well, dialogs and menus seems to be on place and working.
> what could be the problem?

I'm using LessTif 0.88.1, and I suspect the problem is there.
I didn't switch to LessTif before because it used to not
work, and I think .86 is too old.
> Best regards, Nikolay
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