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Re: V 1.22 BETA 2

>I have posted the latest Beta release of the
>V C++ GUI Framework  - V 1.22 Beta 2 at
>   ftp://objectcentral.com/beta/v122beta2.tgz
>For X Version:
>* Motif/LessTif is now the main X platform supported,
>  and this version actually works as promised now.
>  This requires that you have at least Motif 1.2, or
>  install LessTif on your machine. LessTif is now

I've compiled it under Linux RH 5.2 with LessTif 0.86.5
and elf lib. During compilation I've got only one problem,
makefile in test directory looks for libV.a file, the line
$(PROG):    $(EXOBJS)  ../lib/libV.a
I commented it and it worked fine.
But the programs do not work, canvas area is not visible!
Well, dialogs and menus seems to be on place and working.
what could be the problem?

Best regards, Nikolay

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