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idiots guide to vgui

Hi there...

Look, I realize I may get flames for this so please let me apologize 
right now. Sorry. 

Now for more relevant conversation...

I've read Bruce's tutorial and I have to say that I don't really 
understand any of it. 

I know pascal and have been teaching myself C++. Using 
egcs/mingw32 I can write programs for the console but no one will 
use them due to the ugliness of text mode. (Needing a pc crippling 
hog beast GUI is progress???)

Where is the "Idiots" guide to Vgui? Something the hobbyists who 
can't afford to take time off from work for classes can understand... 
IS there something like "Zen and the Art of Vgui Building?"

If so, please send me the URL. You could even bypass the list and 
send it directly if you want.


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