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Re: some problems with vPopupMenu

Perhaps a better method is to define these constants as static member constants of their respective classes. They will then only be known within their own scope.


class vMenu
    static const short MAX_MENU_BUTTONS;

const short vMenu::MAX_MENU_BUTTONS = 20;

-----Original Message-----
From: Jonathan B. Hacker <jbh@risc.rockwell.com>
To: Bruce Wampler <bruce@objectcentral.com>
Cc: VGUI discuss <vgui-discuss@other.debian.org>
Date: Friday, February 12, 1999 11:07 AM
Subject: some problems with vPopupMenu

|I've run into the following minor issues with the new vPopupMenu class.
|1) in popmenu.h VMENU_H conflicts with the variable of the same 
|name in menu.h.  I changed it to VPOPMENU_H
|2) in popmenu.h MAX_MENU_BUTTONS conflicts with the variable of
|the same name in menu.h.  I changed it to MAX_POPMENU_BUTTONS
|Jon Hacker
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