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Re: Setting CTextIn value

On 21 Jan, Przemyslaw G. Gawronski wrote:

> I've added the dialog commands in the constructor, and after that I'm
> trying to set the value of one of the widgets (CTextIn) to a char *
> passed to the constructor but that dosn't seem to work.
> After the dialog is displayed it's not a problem, but before ?

This is an artifact of Windows. I have noticed that this will work fine
in X windows but not in Windows. My guess is that under X the dialog is
built at creation time and hence calls to SetText etc. work fine
before the dialog is displayed but under Windows the dialog is created
at display time and hence call to SetText have no effect untill the
dialog has been shown.

This leads to some pretty ugly work arounds on the dos side of things.

Have any others come across this annomaly? I consider this to be a
serious deficiency/bug in the windows implementation.

Matthew Bastian
National Research Council of Canada
Institute for Aerospace Research, Bldg U-61
Ottawa, Ontario
Canada, K1A 0R6


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