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Re: X-Server for windows?

> I've read your posting to the V++ mailing list. I don't know an solution
> for your compiling errors, but I'm interested in the X-Server you are
> using.
> As an long-time OS/2 user, I'm using the OS/2 port of XFree86 3.3.2.
> Because my laptop is running with Win95, I'm looking for an X-Server for
> Win95. Do you know an XFree-Port to Win95?
I'am using Xwin32, but it is commercial.  If you are looking for a free
X-Server for Windows try searching the mail archives of gnuwin32 discuss list at
There was some discussions there about available free X-Servers.


P.S. Compilation of Windows version still doesn't work for me.  My mail was
out of order for last two days, so if anyone have posted any suggestions
about the topic, I will be greatful if you re-send/forward them to me. Thanks.
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