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Re: [Nbd] (no subject) sync/cache/flush of devices

>	- Is there a possibility to sync ONLY my device on client side ?
> Yes, fsync the file descriptor you have opened on the file or device.

Ok - will try it.

Featurerequest: The normal szenario using nbd is over a network -
a disconnect of the client should fsync the disk before disconnecting
can be done inside nbd-client).

What's you opinion ?

> > 	  And KILL the nbd-server after ?
> The client disconnect will cause the server to die. If either end of
> connection is terminated, the other side will also stop.

NACK - i tried this on a nbd-server running @opensolaris - after
the nbd-client@...662..., the nbd-server still runs on solaris. It was not
I have to kill it (but is there a cache inside nbd-server - if so,
destroy also my cached data ...)


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