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[Nbd] (no subject)

Hi Wouter,

we are using nbd in a high storage intensive area - a lot of changes
are written to nbd-devices AND ndb-client- and nbd-server (@solaris)
will be created and destroyed on the fly.

At the moment we have some problems while shutting down a nbd connection
(client, server) without losing data written to the client-nbd
but not available on the storage connected to the nbd-server.

	- startup nbd server (@solaris) & client (@linux)
	- write a lot of data and IMMEDIATELY after
	- shutdown client (nbd-client -d) and IMMEDIATELY after
	- shutdown server (yust kill -TERM <pid>

- Problem
	- the storage behind the nbd-server is not consistent to the data written
	  from the client site to the nbd-connection	

I think it could be a caching topic - maybe kblockd has not flushed the
data ? Or may I'm not allowed to send a TERM to the server ?

Could you tell me how to shutdown safely a client/server nbd-connection in a
high-load area without data corruption/lost ? 

Thx very much

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