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Re: [Nbd] (no subject)

Daniel Schwager wrote:
Hi Paul,

thanks for the answer. - Is there a possibility to sync ONLY my device on client side ?

Yes, fsync the file descriptor you have opened on the file or device.

	  Not the whole system cache - means ALL devices ?

	- can I disconnect safely after this sync-command came back ?

Yes, nbd I/O is synchronous, meaning the data will have been written to the server side(*) when the I/O completes on the client. A sync guarantees completion of any previously submitted I/Os.

* - the data will be in the page cache on the server side when the I/O completes, but not necessarily physically on the server's disk (at least, I don't believe the current nbd-server will issue a sync).

	- do I have to sync also on server side ?

You shouldn't have to, unless you're trying to protect against a reboot or crash, which might cause loss of cached data on the server side.

	  And KILL the nbd-server after ?

The client disconnect will cause the server to die. If either end of the connection is terminated, the other side will also stop.


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