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Re: [Nbd] nbd-client hangs

On 5/3/06, Wouter Verhelst <wouter@...3...> wrote:
On Tue, May 02, 2006 at 08:59:04PM -0400, Gaurav Gupta wrote:
> Here are the details.
> I am running the server on a fedor 5 box which has the ip address
> ip address). The server create several large
> files, all bellow 500 MB and is running on ports 4101 - 4117. I have
> another box connected to the server through a switch. The client can
> ping the server.
> The client is also running fedora 5. This is what I did on the client.
> ./MAKEDEV /dev/nb1
> Nbd-client 4101 /dev/nb1
> Output is
> Negotiating:
> Nothing further than this

Right. It would appear something is going very wrong, then :)

Has there been any progress on this negotiation issue?  We (myself and
coworkers) have seen this issue on 2.6.15 w/ nbd 2.8.4.  I didn't see
anything in svn that spoke to progress on this issue but please let me
know if there has been since Gaurav originally reported it.

BTW, I think we can safely eliminate concern about selinux, iptables,
etc blocking the negotiation as nbd will negotiate if the server and
the client are restarted again.  It almost feels like the server is
wedged and therefore the client can't negotiate.  We'll be digging
deeper but let me know if you have any insight on zeroing in on this.


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