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Re: [Nbd] nbd-client hangs

On Tue, May 02, 2006 at 08:59:04PM -0400, Gaurav Gupta wrote:
> Here are the details.
> I am running the server on a fedor 5 box which has the ip address
> ip address). The server create several large
> files, all bellow 500 MB and is running on ports 4101 - 4117. I have
> another box connected to the server through a switch. The client can
> ping the server. 
> The client is also running fedora 5. This is what I did on the client. 
> ./MAKEDEV /dev/nb1
> Nbd-client 4101 /dev/nb1
> Output is
> Negotiating: 
> Nothing further than this 

Right. It would appear something is going very wrong, then :)

nbd-server 2.8 enables syslog logging by default, so you may want to
check your syslog for nbd-server related messages; it could be that the
server is rejecting connections for some reason.

Please also verify that no firewall is interfering.

IIRC, Fedora comes with SELinux enabled by default. It could be that
your nbd-client isn't allowed to do stuff with the nbd device node
unless it's got the right SELinux policy; could you try rebooting the
client's kernel with SELinux in permissive mode?

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