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Re: [Nbd] nbd-server hanging issue

On Sat, Apr 22, 2006 at 11:12:09AM +0200, JaniD++ wrote:
> > > No dmesg message, just hang.
> > > (I know this caused by some garbage from the network, but i cannot
> > > reproduce...)
> >
> > Which obviously is going to make debugging rather hard. Still, I'd like
> > to try to reproduce this; could you send me a bit more information on
> > how this problem occurred that might help me out?
> >
> > If the system is still running in this broken way, could you run
> > "netstat -t" and see whether that returns any high numbers in either the
> > "Recv-Q" or "Send-Q" columns?
> This happens about 10 times, but one time i catch this:
> http://download.netcenter.hu/bughunt/20060422/messages.txt
> (715KB)
> The full "SysRq : Show Memory" and "SysRq : Show State".

I had an extensive look at that, but it doesn't help me out at this

As it isn't what I asked for, I'd still like you to do the netstat
thing. What I need is the output of the command "netstat -t". Really.

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