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RE: hanging tests

Well, I'm not a lot wiser, but here's the current 

I saw a hang on one particular test (LSB.os T.execlp)
I got email from others indicating they'd seen hangs
on nearby tests, all on the exec family, all in the
LSB.os area.  One of those reports was on an Itanium
like I'm trying, others were on ia32.

To make matters more confusing, acting on the theory
that these could be fixed kernel bugs, I tried to
rerun just the affected set of tests using a 2.4.18
"stock" kernel.  

No problem.

I then reran the same subset on the distro's patched
2.4.9 kernel.

No problem.

If I was to draw any conclusion from this, it's that
there's some sort of an interaction problem... after
the system's been running a long time and been beaten
on by the test suite for many many hours, one or
more of these areas might get stuck.  On a freshly
rebooted kernel, it's not happening ?!?!?


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