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Re: mmap_P-29

At 2002/3/27 13:08-0500  Joey Hess writes:
> Of course the whole point of that test it to make sure the implementation
> fails with ENOMEM if there is not enough room to mmap the requested space.
> The testcase's pre-mapping of the space to try to fill up a bit of it so that
> the second mmap will fail is here failing.
> I suspect that something else earlier in the mmap_P test is consuming some
> space (would have to be near to half of the address space though) and not
> freeing it or so. Has anyone else seen this testcase fail?

Are any of the other mmap tests failing? (especially 34?)  Its
possible that VSRT_ADDR_SPACE_PAGES is set too high for your system,
so it might be worthwhile trying to change it in
/home/tet/test_sets/TESTROOT/tetexec.cfg and rerun the tests.

You can also run an individual testcase which should clarify if another
test is causing the problem:

(as vsx0, you may need to a '. profile' if you're working off the
source based test suites)

export TET_CONFIG=$TET_EXECUTE/tetexec.cfg
export TET_CODE=$HOME/tet_code

cd /home/tet/test_sets/TESTROOT/tset/LSB.os/mfiles/mmap_P
./T.mmap_P <test_case_num>

and the results will be left in tet_xres.


IBM OzLabs Linux Development Group
Canberra, Australia

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