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Re: VSRT 5.1.1 release has expired

The LSB.os tests include a small subset of the VSRT tests,
tests that we identified as important a few years back given
the resources we could muster to develop a new testset (Thanks
to Intel for funding this). They
are on a parallel development track with no correlation
between the two. The VSRT tests are for POSIX Realtime ,
whereas the VSRT derived tests in LSB.os are part of a larger testset
including other areas reflecting general Linux os calls not covered
by the vsx-pcts.In places the LSB.os tests have started to diverge and
no longer reflect the strict POSIX reqts (one issue we have
is that in POSIX this is an option, whereas all the tests in
LSB.os are mandatory, in hindsight maybe some of the RT related
functionality should have been optional in the LSB spec) .


On Mar 6,  4:07pm in "VSRT 5.1.1 release h", Matt Wilson wrote:
> VSRT 5.1.1 (pulled in to LSB.os) has expired.  Could we get 5.1.2
> pulled in?
> Cheers,
> Matt

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