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Re: provide the lsb packages

What I've done in Red Hat Linux is I think the best approach.  I've
added a keystone package called 'redhat-lsb' that requires things on
the system in order to make it LSB compliant.  It in turn Provides the
lsb dependency.

See the binary and source RPMS:


Currently I auto-generate the .spec file with some shell scripting.
It would be nice to make the .spec file from the lsb database.

Feel free to direct any comments to me.



On Wed, Feb 20, 2002 at 11:51:13AM +0100, Johannes Poehlmann wrote:
> My understanding is that all lsb compliant packages have a 
> "Requires lsb" in their package header (Or require another package, wich
> requires "lsb"). By providing a "lsb" package or explicitly saying
> "Provides lsb" in the header of a installed package
> the package will install (without --nodeps ;-).
> Bottom line: 
> You can put what you want in a "lsb" package. By having one,you declare
> that your system is ready to get lsb compliant packages installed.

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