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Re: provide the lsb packages

On Wed, Feb 20, 2002 at 04:45:53PM +0900, koichi@turbolinux.co.jp wrote:
> Hi All
> This is Koichi of Turbo. Here in Tokyo,I hope our work  will make the lsb's standardization go forward to the world wide.
> I'm not so familiar with the detail of the test as most of you. So I'll very appreciate if someone would give me an answer to my question.
> Q. Pilot program for distribution says "The distribution provides the "lsb" package to satisfy the primary LSB application dependency". Could someone tell me in more detail what this sentence require the distribution to do for its certification?
My understanding is that all lsb compliant packages have a 
"Requires lsb" in their package header (Or require another package, wich
requires "lsb"). By providing a "lsb" package or explicitly saying
"Provides lsb" in the header of a installed package
the package will install (without --nodeps ;-).

Bottom line: 
You can put what you want in a "lsb" package. By having one,you declare
that your system is ready to get lsb compliant packages installed.

Hope this helps
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